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Bookings and Pricing

Bookings are required for these services, please contact me.

Personal spiritual readings by arrangement
(CD recording included.) $120 per hour.

Psychic and mediumship development circle. Two hours once per week. $20.




1. Click HERE for a sneak peek into circle.
  Filmed in infra red.

2. Click HERE to see a strange, bright
  orb filmed near Moira's studio.

3. Click HERE to see strange fogs moving
  against the wind. Filmed in infra red.



I have been seeking many years for a psychic and medium who conveys only the highest vibration of truth and honesty. One that is able to receive and in turn speak what is given or described by spirit. Moira is this person. Our chance meeting was only the beginning, the information conveyed by Moira resonated deeply within me, as now I have finally met a true artist of this craft.
- Daniel Foott


Thanks Moira. Best wishes to you for 2014! Love & light, you're a very special & important person in my development so thankyou!
- Olivia, Ballarat