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Genuine Communication with Spirit

Welcome to my site

My name is Moira and I have been working with and for spirit for most of my life.

My early childhood consisted of many visits from spirit beings who kept me company as I grew up. Opportunities during my life have helped me develop a keener sense of spirit and the guidance which we can attain if we only listen with our heart.

Spirit work has led me to many exciting and varied venues from peoples homes, churches as demonstrator to readings and teaching in my own home. It is a pure joy to speak with and deliver messages from spirit to loved ones.

Comfort, acceptance and the knowledge that "Love Never Dies" helps people with their grief. Spirit are also delighted to speak once again with their loved ones who they see are suffering.

My belief is that we are all spirit beings having a physical experience on this earth. When our earthly body dies our pure spirit forms return to the divine consciousness. This consciousness is in contact with everything both in this world and the next.

Communication is through vibration and use of our innate sixth sense.

It is my belief that through practise and opportunity we can interact with spirit and effect communication  between these worlds. I believe my purpose on this earth is to facilitate this communication between these worlds and to spread the message of love and light  to all who seek.


Spiritual Services

Mediumship Readings

These readings are pure spirit communication with your own spirits. Be they guides or family and friends that have passed over.

These spirits are always around us, helping, guiding and supporting us during the trials and tribulations of this lifetime.

Loved ones, who have passed, delight in the opportunity to once again communicate with you from the other side.

This communication takes the form of images/memories or spoken words from spirit which I relate to you. When this communication takes place there are often physical symptoms which can be felt by you as well as the medium. Touching, breezes and goosebumps are often mentioned to me as well as an overwhelming rush of love which can often be felt.

I can also pick up certain things about you, such as your health, areas of concern, your personality and how you are feeling, relationship and work issues.

Tuning into this energy field I can release emotional and psychic baggage that can hold us in a negative space and can cause feelings of disharmony with our true self.

I am merely the medium or go between in all my readings, a facilitator between this world and the next. It is not my place to judge, question or doubt any information which has been given to me by spirit or human.

I channel what is given to me with no elaboration, sugar coating or wishful thinking, just truth and honesty.


Spiritual Education Groups

I also conduct weekly spiritual education groups. Due to limited places bookings are essential. Please contact me for details.

These groups are:

Meditation Group: For relaxation and a tuning to the higher realms
Suitable for de-stressing and those seeking more direction within their lives.

Mediumship Development Circle: Designed to develop your sixth sense and recognition within yourself of your own innate communication abilities with the spirit world.


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